Rabel 14050 Sliding Shading

A new style of sliding shading system for modern buildings

Rabel 14050 is a new style of shading system for modern buildings with emphasis on aesthetics and functionality. The system allows for the construction of stepped as well as facing leaves in any configuration. Moving panels up to 5 meters in height can be realized making it possible to cover the building slaps. In addition, the system is equipped with a multilock system for burglary resistance.

The system has been designed to allow for seamless integration with the building external cladding. Three versions are available to be used with fiber cement, HPL and metal sheets. Provision has been taken to allow the use of the cladding material on the shading system itself. In addition to the cladding material, the system comes with a range of blades to be installed vertically or horizontally.

In the standard configuration a provision has been taken to allow for the installation of an integrated fly screen.

Having a track depth of only 60mm makes it the ideal choice for use in tight spaces. For the system to function a top box is not required. As a result, the shading can be fitted on existing openings as well as make use of the whole opening from slap to slap.

Technical Specifications

Technical characteristics