Rabel 14210

Kinetic Façade Vertical Hinged Shading System

Rabel 14210 is a kinetic facade shading system moving in the vertical axis via hinges. The sashes can be individually operated upwards or downwards via an electric drive or manually. The sash height can be up to 1.5m and its width up to 4 meters.

The system is an ideal solution for projects where part of the opening is mostly kept in its closed position for privacy. Through its projection, while in the opened position, it can provide extra shading allowing more light to pass in the building while blocking direct sunlight.

The system has been designed to allow for seamless integration with the building external cladding. Several versions are available to be used with fiber cement, HPL, Aluminium composite panels, wood, glass, ceramic and metal sheets. Provision has been taken to allow the use of cladding material on the shading system itself. In addition to the cladding material, the system comes with a variety of blades to be installed vertically or horizontally.

In its standard configuration provision has been taken to allow for the installation of build in fly screen. A complete black out option is also available through the sealing of all the seams.

Having a track depth of only 60mm and an installation depth of 150mm makes it the ideal choice for use in tight spaces. For the system to function a top box is not required. The side tracks have been minimized to 41mm in height thus maximizing the internal view angle.

The system can be fitted on existing openings and is able to shade the whole opening from slap to slap.

The control can be via a wall mounted switch or a remote control in single or group mode.

Technical Specifications

Technical characteristics
Max Sash Width 4000 mm
Max Sash Height 1500 mm
Max Sash Weight 100 Kg
Installation Depth 170 mm
Parking Space 60-200 mm per sash
Cladding Finishes Louver, Glass, Sheet Metal, Aluminium Composite Panel, HPL, Fiber Cement, Wood, Ceramic
Cladding Space 4 / 10 mm
Sash Profile Depth 60 mm
Sash Profile visible width 11.5-28 mm
Frame Profile Depth 60 mm
Frame Profile visible width 41 mm
Electric Motion Available
Motor Voltage 24 V(DC)
Motor Current 1-20 A
Manual Movement Available
Manual Locking System Available
Rolling Side
Sliding Rollers Stainless Steel
Alignment Rollers Stainless Steel
Blackout Available
Flyscreen Available
Sealing Type Gaskets, Nylon Brush