Rabel 4700

Double Glass interior door

Rabel 4700

Rabel 4700

Double Glass interior door, a quality finish to your interior space

The Rabel 4700 system has been designed for the fabrication of frameless double glass interior doors. The space in between the glass panes is filled with insulation material for providing the necessary soundproofing as well as aesthetic and security reasons. The frame is made out of aluminium and it is available in various designs and colours to match the aesthetics as well as technical requirements of each project.

In the standard equipment a single point magnetic lock is included as well as a design handle and means for perimeter sealing.

Apart from glass in various colours the front and rear door face can be replaced with synthetic panel, HPL as well as natural wood.

Technical characteristics
Post Width 30/78 mm
Frame Height 30/78 mm
Sash Width 40 mm
Sash Height 3.5 mm
Type Hinged
Max. Weight per Sash 100 Kg
Max. Sash Width 1.1 m
Max. Sash Height 2.7 m
Maximum Locking Points 1
Sealing Type 1 Gasket