Rabel 50 Slim Super Thermal

Minimal / Super Slim Sliding System up to 3.5 meters

Rabel 50 Slim Super thermal is a commercial slim system designed for buildings with a tight budget. It is an ideal choice for development companies looking to upgrade aesthetically their buildings without adding extra cost. It is also a good choice for hotel units that have a large number of relatively small openings. Technically the system is able to fabricate doors up to three meters in height, two meters in width and 200kg per leaf. In view of the above the system is an ideal choice for most residential projects.

The Rabel 50 Slim Super thermal is based on a thermal middle mullion of 26 mm.

The locking system is comprised of 3 different options. A multiple locking system is fitted as standard and optionally an access control from the exterior via a key is provided so as to cater for all possible needs.

Two different threshold designs are available at the low height of 42mm making it possible to have an exposed or fully submerged step. Optionally the water extraction can also be facilitated through pipes directly installed on the track so that a drainage gutter is no longer required.

The Rabel 50 Slim Super thermal is without doubt one of the most commercial slim sliding systems in the market responding to the recent minimalistic trend. It is able to do corners without post and combo configurations like sliding integrated with railing and sliding with fixed.

Technical Specifications

Technical characteristics5050 Plus
Frame Height42 mm42 mm
Frame Visible Width26 / 42 / 55 mm26 / 42 / 30 mm
Sash Height26 / 42 / 55 mm26 / 42 / 30 mm
Center Mullion Width26 mm26 mm
Max. Weight per Sash200* Kg400* Kg
Glazing Width Possibilities32 mm32 mm
Maximum Locking Points66
Thermal Break Width20 / 30 mm20 / 30 mm
Sealing TypeBrush with Cloth + Q-Lon    Brush with Cloth + Q-Lon
* The maximum dimensions of the construction are determined by the manufacturer according to the typology and conditions of the project

Fabrication Thermal Transmittance EN ISO 10077-2 (Uw)≥1.4 W/(m2K)≥1.4 W/(m2K)