Rabel 65

A heavy-duty Slim Sliding System for leaf heights up to 5 meters

Rabel 65

Rabel 65 Super Thermal

A heavy-duty Slim Sliding System for leaf heights up to 5 meters

Rabel 65 Slim super thermal is a slim system designed for landmark buildings that are characterised by fine aesthetics and innovation. Special attention has been given to keep the leaf visible width as small as possible while keeping a high level of thermal performance. The system is based on a basic leaf width of 39mm.

Through the use of thick crossections as well as a selection of internal and external fins it has been made possible to reach heights up to 5 meters. 

Five different threshold designs are available in two different heights (40, 57mm) making it possible to have an exposed or fully submerged threshold.

The system comes with a series of rollers made out of stainless steel capable of withstanding up to a leaf weight of 1200 Kg. The locking system is comprised of 6 different options. In these options a multiple locking system as well as an access control from the exterior via a key is provided so as to cater for all possible needs. 

The largest part of the leaf is submerged into the frame thus keeping the visible part to the minimum. Optionally the frame comes with an integrated drainage channel which allows the track to be fully recessed into the floor while increasing the water permeability. The water extraction can also be facilitated through pipes directly installed on the track so that a drainage gutter is no longer required.

Being a state of the art product suited for special projects it is customisable to make a variety of uncommon typologies like sliding + fixed frameless, sliding + hinged, Sliding + Spider/Curtainwall etc. while always keeping the dimensions slim. It is also able to do corners without post and combo configurations like sliding integrated with railing and shading devises both internal and external.

Technical characteristics
Frame Height 40 / 57 mm
Sash Width 59 mm
Sash Height 39 mm
Center Mullion Width 39 mm
Type Progressive
Max. Weight per Sash 1200 Kg
Max. Sash Width 4.0 m
Max. Sash Height 5.0 m
Glazing Width Possibilities 32 / 40 mm
Maximum Locking Points 6
Thermal Break Width 30 / 53 mm
Sealing Type Brush with Cloth + Q-Lon

Fabrication Thermal Transmittance EN ISO 10077-2 (Uw) ≥1.3 W/(m2K)