Rabel 700 Ritz

Adjustable / Fixed Louver Shutter

Rabel 700 Ritz is a hinged system based on a 45mm frame primarily used to fabricate louver doors and windows. The louver blades can be fixed or adjustable via a lever handle or a rotary operator. The adjustable louver blade socket is made out of polycarbonate material to ensure long life against direct sunlight and the sealing is via rubber gaskets. A selection of modern handles and multiple point locking system is provided as standard. It is also possible to install a normal door lock allowing access from outside.

Technical Specifications

Technical characteristics
Frame Height49/56 mm
Frame Visible Width81.6 mm
Sash Height81.6 mm
Sash Depth45 mm
Sash Visible Width45 mm
Max. Sash Width1.0 m
Max. Sash Height2.4 m
Max. Weight per Sash80 Kg
Maximum Locking Points9
Sealing Type2 Gaskets