Rabel 8000

Security Pivot entrance door system, ideal for large single leaf doors customised to your taste

The Rabel 8000 pivot door system has been designed for large modern entrance doors with high level of burglary resistance. The installed pivot mechanism requires minimum effort to provide smooth operation while opening and closing. The heavy duty steel frame construction ensures a trouble free operation without the need of further adjustments over time.

The standard equipment is inclusive of a three point burglary resistant lock, a long pull handle, a stainless steel door handle and perimeter sealing.

The front and rear door face is available in various finishes ranging from security glass, synthetic panel, aluminium sheet, HPL, tile as well as natural wood.

Technical Specifications

Technical characteristics
Post Width42/44 mm
Frame Visible Width9 mm
Frame Height42/44 mm
Sash Depth103 mm
Sash Visible Width103 mm
Sash Height9 mm
Max. Weight per Sash250 Kg
Max. Sash Width2.5 m
Max. Sash Height4.0 m
Maximum Locking Points3
Sealing Type1 Gasket

Fabrication Thermal Transmittance EN ISO 10077-2 (Uw)>=1.3 W/(m2K)

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