Rabel 8700 Slim Super Thermal

Minimal / Super Slim Casement System

The Rabel 8700 Slim Super Thermal is a slim casement door system, 44mm, complementing the aesthetics of slim sliding in minimalistic buildings. The door is available with heavy duty hinges as well as pivot configurations. On the bottom the closing can be without any threshold or optionally with a specially designed upstand.

In the case of pivots the door level from the ground is adjustable. Sealing is available either completely with gaskets or partly with nylon brushes.

The system is based on a single profile that can be used as a frame and as a leaf. Following this innovation, it is possible to create composite fabrications while keeping fully symmetrical structures.

The system is available with a single or multiple lock as well as a selection of handles.

In view of its design as well as the heavy duty hinges the door is able to do openings up to 4 metres is height.

Technical Specifications

Technical characteristics
Frame Height26 / 42 mm
Frame Visible Width44 mm
Sash Height44 mm
Sash Depth60 mm
Sash Visible Width60 mm
Max. Sash Width1.2 m
Max. Sash Height5.0 m
Max. Weight per Sash260 Kg
Glazing Width Possibilities32 mm
Maximum Locking Points6
Thermal Break Width20 / 24 mm
Sealing Type3 Gaskets

Fabrication Thermal Transmittance EN ISO 10077-2 (Uw)≥ 1.4 W/(m2K)