Rabel Envelop 3D

Minimal Building System

Rabel Envelop 3D is a revolutionary building system invented by Rabel to create uninterrupted fully integrated facades comprised of fixed, sliding, bi-fold, hinged, curtainwall, spider and wall units while keeping a slim structure. The change from one unit type to the next is seamless and does not require the addition of extra frames. All units follow a slim architecture and are able to make large openings.

Rabel Envelop 3D has revolutionised traditional envelop systems by allowing the creation of multiple thermally broken 3D envelops like the Russian nesting dolls. It is now possible to create double/triple e.t.c thermal facade envelops with integrated shading devises, railings, sliding/folding louvers e.t.c. thus providing unique solutions for extreme sound insulation, very high thermal insulation as well as architecturally interesting dynamic shapes.

Being a fully integrated multi typology system, Rabel Envelop 3D flexibility is second to none. In view of this flexibility there are many cases where parts of the system are used in conventional building designs providing innovative glass facades solutions. However Rabel Envelop 3D goes far beyond the provision of smart facade solutions.   Conceptually it was created to provide a new approach in designing and erecting modern buildings so as to improve quality of fabrication, thermal performance, reduce building time & cost and have stunning aesthetics, a space anyone dreams to live in. A building that has been designed with the Rabel Envelop 3D technology allows for the use of many different industrially developed and controlled wall finishes intergrading with large highly insulated glass facades fully recessed into the floor and an erection time of less than 5 months. All building components including the walls come with a drainage system thus putting an end to wall cracks and moisture leaks.

Technical Specifications

Technical characteristics
Post Width35 / 42 / 71 mm
Frame Height57 mm
Glazing Width Possibilities32 - 59 mm
Thermal Break Width30 / 53 mm
Sealing TypeGasket

Fabrication Thermal Transmittance EN ISO 10077-2 (Uw)0.6-1.4 W/(m2K)

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