Rabel Systems

45 years of Innovation and Excellence

Rabel Systems offers a comprehensive range of products and services revolving around Minimal & Super thermal Aluminium systems for Passive and Zero Energy buildings, high performance systems for high-rise buildings, bespoke solutions for landmark buildings and innovative dry construction solutions for building envelops. The solutions offered are characterized by unique aesthetics, high level of thermal insulation, exceptional performance against extreme weather conditions as well as their ability to cater for large openings.

Rabel Systems internal engineering team also provides project consulting services to Architects, building contractors, mechanical Engineers, and project owners. Depending on the location of the project, the height of the building, the type and sizes of the openings, the required thermal performance, fire resistance e.t.c, the team of consultants with decades of field experience in systems and mechanisms, can build for you the tender specification and propose suitable products that have been tested and proved to perform according to the project requirement. If such a product is not available then this can be developed accordingly and tested to provide the necessary certification as required by the project.

Rabel Systems infrastructure consists of three manufacturing sites for Aluminium Profiles and accessories equipped with plastic injection molding machines, aluminium die-casting, Zinc die-casting, eccentric presses, automatic lathes, machining centers, thermal profile assembly line, anodizing line, zinc plating line, three powder coating lines for Profiles and mechanisms. Additionally it operates one distribution center for profiles, four distribution centers for accessories and three showrooms for complete systems.

Having successfully completed numerous projects, Rabel Systems has obtained real measurements of its products under various climatic conditions making it thus possible to warrantee the quality of fabrication, installation as well as performance over time.


  • The company was founded in 1968 under the name C. TECHNOMETAL LTD. At that time its main activity was the manufacture of accessories for aluminium doors, windows, curtain walls and shading systems.
  • In 1985 the RABEL trademark was registered and started appearing as a logo on the products.
  • Beginning of 1993 the first complete Aluminium system was developed comprised of hardware and profiles.
  • Being always at the edge of technology Rabel has built partner relationships with leading European manufacturers of accessories making it thus possible in 2007 to set up a chain of shops dedicated to Door and Window technology. In these shops one can find a comprehensive range of accessories and solutions for all Aluminium, PVC and Wooden systems.
  • In 2008 Rabel has moved a step further by establishing the first certified laboratory in Cyprus specializing in testing and certification of doors and windows. The laboratory operates in cooperation with the German institute Ift-Rosenheim.
  • In 2011 Rabel has developed a range of Super Thermal Aluminium systems marketed under the brand Rabel Systems. These systems have been specifically designed for high performance in terms of thermal insulation making them suitable for passive and zero energy buildings.
  • In 2012 Rabel has established a new state of the art manufacturing and sales facility dealing with aluminium profiles to cater for the needs of Rabel Systems. Through this new manufacturing facility and distribution center Rabel Systems has the infrastructure to be flexible and fast enough in delivering complete systems to the market while meeting the high level of service and quality that characterize Rabel Systems for many decades.